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Maria Falco was an incredible lady who worked tirelessly to raise funds and improve treatment for women with breast cancer. She started raising money when she was diagnosed with the disease. The Maria Falco Memorial trust has continued her work since she eventually lost her fight in 2005.

Maria firmly believed that every woman should have access to the latest treatments to help them beat the second most deadly cancer in the UK. She was treated in the breast cancer units at St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping and the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. Thanks to Maria’s efforts, both these hospitals are involved in major, ground-breaking clinical trials. These trials are searching for those wonder drugs and treatments that will mean no-one needs to die from breast cancer. More than 160 women have already benefited from these trials in the last four years. This work is helping to improve breast cancer treatment and care for the 50,000 people who will be diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The Maria Falco Trust shares Maria’s own belief that every woman should have access to the latest treatments to help them fight cancer. As well as funding vital clinical trials, the Trust is hoping to be able to open a retreat in the country for families to get respite from the trauma of cancer.


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Registered number: 1125612

Registered address: 87 High View Road
E18 2HL

Trustees: Mrs Jean Falco, Mr Michael Falco, Mr Kevin Bunce and Mr Reg Geggus