MBV Pathway Programme

Moving on from your breast cancer diagnosis

This a six week programme that we request your full attendance. Please contact the office on: 01279 827396  or email Natalie Knife to find out when the next course begins and availability.

Move forward into well-being with the Moving On Pathway programme

  • Nutrition
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Exercise
  • Mind fitness
  • Dressing for YOU
  • Forward planning

Each week covers a different well-being area and lasts two hours, broken down into five sections finishing with a review and Q & A. See below for more details.

The Moving On Pathway programme

Following your diagnosis of cancer, we want to give you the knowlege you need to move on to a new life of health and happiness. Our course will teach you life-long techniques to feel the best you can.

With knowledge comes motivation

We are all aware that to give us the best chance of a long, happy life we need to exercise, eat the right foods and eliminate stress. But where do you start, and why does it seem so difficult to change our ways?

Our inspirational course will teach you easy ways to integrate new choices and habits into your life to make a positive lasting change.

A healthy mind, body and soul

We believe that with a holistic view of your health, you will feel in touch with yourself and be in a better position to listen to your own needs.

What we put into our bodies, how we use them, and understanding how our minds influence our emotional health all determine our overall well-being. Our section on the mind will give you a new sense of self awareness which will change the way you look at things forever.

Measurable results

This is about you as an individual, so we’ll give you an assessment and provide you with your unique plan. This is what you’ll use to recognise changes and achieve your goals.

Course breakdown

Week 1 – Introduction, nutrition and assessment

Introduction to programme • What is a balanced diet? • Portions and proportions • Ensuring the food you eat fits your goals • Making the right food choices • Understanding food labels • Healthy eating habits for the long term.

Week 2 – Musculoskeletal

Common musculoskeletal complaints post treatment • How to alleviate back and neck pain • Practical exercise and stretching examples • Benefits of yoga and pilates to musculoskeletal health pre and post treatment • Diaphragmatic breathing, practical exercise • Keeping the shoulder and upper back mobilised post breast surgery  • Combating lymphedema, treatment and prevention

Week 3 – Exercise 

Benefits of exercise • Getting active and ensuring your ongoing development • Designing your own exercise programme effectively • Correct warm up and cool down • Implementing key training techniques and variation into your sessions • Core and postural development • Why it’s essential and how to do it effectively

Week 4 – Mind fitness   

How to be in control of our emotions and the way we feel • Learning how to use affirmations and visualisation techniques to create positive outcomes • Understanding why stress is created • Looking inward with mindfulness and awareness • Using the senses to keep us centred and peaceful • Learning detached observation skills to let go of fear and worry

Week 5 – Dressing for YOU

Dynamic assessments • Dressing for your body shape • Seasonal ideas • Shopping on a budget • Learning to shop for you • Be your own best dresser

Week 6 – Recap and re-assessment

Course review and evaluation • Ongoing development • Re-assessment

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Our six week courses take place in Epping.

Please contact the office on: 01279 827396  or Email Natalie Knife