Planning and running a fundraising event

Planning & running a fundraising event

Plan for success

There’s a lot to think about if you’re organising a fundraising event, but with the right planning you can relax and have fun while raising money at the same time.


Give yourself plenty of time to organise your event. Consider what else is happening at the same time so you can avoid clashing with another popular fundraiser or big event.


Choose a venue that is large enough and has all the required amenities. If you want to sell alcohol or have live music, make sure it has the necessary license or you will have to organise this by contacting your local district or borough council.


Some events require a little bit of expenditure. Make sure that you are aiming to raise at least three times as much as you need to spend. For example if you spend £100 you should aim to raise a minimum of £300.

Consider approaching a company to sponsor your event – you get extra funds and they get the benefit of positive publicity.

Hot tip...

It’s always worthwhile giving the charity team a call on 01279 827857 to run through your event...we have a lot of experience!

Know the rules

Make sure you’ve covered all the legal and safety aspects of running an event.

Remember to:

  • Ensure that your event is organised efficiently and safely.
    Conduct a risk assessment to ensure that you have proper plans for the safety of participants. The Health and Safety Executive has more information on their website
  • Consider what insurance cover you need for your event.
    The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust cannot accept any responsibility for your event nor for anyone who participates in it.
  • Check whether you need any special licences e.g. a public entertainment licence to sell alcohol. Your local council will be able to help you with this. Always have two people present to count any money raised.


If you’re organising a fundraising event, check whether insurance is included in the hire fee of any buildings or equipment. You may need to consider arranging public liability cover for some events to protect you against claims made by third parties for injury or property damage as a result of negligence.

The charity does have limited public liability insurance. Please contact us before arranging your event to discuss whether it can be covered by this insurance.

Alcohol and public entertainment licence

If your event involves the sale of alcohol and/or live or recorded music, dancing, showing of a film or performance of a play, an indoor sporting event, or any entertainment of a similar nature, you may need a licence. Contact your local district or borough council.


Public collections held in the street or a public place, such as a shop doorway, shopping centre or railway station, should be licensed by the local authority. Contact your local district or borough council.

Private collections are collections on private premises and do not need the permission of the local authority; only the permission of the owner of the premises concerned (e.g. pub, supermarket).

Get in touch if you need charity collection boxes. Call the Breast Unit office on 01279 827857 or email us at:

Raffles, lotteries and prize draws

There are strict legal requirements governing the organisation of raffles, lotteries and prize draws. Contact your local district or borough council about licensing.

Small raffles can be held as part of a larger event. The ticket sales and announcement of the results must be held during the event. No more than £500 can be spent on buying prizes and no cash prizes can be given. All tickets should be sold at the same price and no discounts are allowed on bulk buys. Please note that tickets should not be bought or sold by young people under 16.

Full guidelines are available from your local district or borough council or the Gaming Board, these must be followed in full. For details, please visit

The Breast Unit team are ready to answer any questions you have about fundraising for our charity.

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