Gift aid explained

Gift aid

What is gift aid and how does it work?

Gift Aid is a simple way for our charity to increase the value of gifts of money received from UK taxpayers.

If you Gift Aid your donation the PAH NHS Trust Charitable Fund – Breast Unit will receive the tax you paid on your donation, increasing the value of donations by one quarter.

Put simply, when UK taxpayers donate money to charity, they have already paid tax on that money. Because charities are generally exempt from tax, we can claim an amount from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) equal to the tax paid on that money by the donor. This repayment is known as Gift Aid.

Donors must authorise this by signing a Gift Aid Declaration form, or verbally over the telephone or on the internet.

Donors need to complete the essential information on the sponsor form or Gift Aid Declaration form. These are: full name, home address, postcode and amount sponsored.

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