How to get publicity


How to get media interest

There are all kinds of ways to tell people about your event, for example:

  • Social media – spread the word using your online social networks
  • Post to your local community Facebook pages
  • Contact local newspapers
  • Contact local directory magazines

Use our press release template

Simply copy and paste the text from this PDF, and insert the details of your fundraising event.

What should I write?

We have created a template press release for you to use. All you need to do is add the details of what you are doing. Download the template at the top of this page.

Who should I send it to?

Send your press release to everyone you can think of in your local area. Don’t forget to include newspapers, regional magazines, radio and television stations.

When should I send it?

Do this well in advance for pre-event publicity to encourage more people to come along. Email your press release to the news editors or newspapers and to forward planning at radio and TV stations. Google your local media, visit their website and click on ‘contact us’ to find the right email address.

They want me to do an interview, what do I say?

Don’t panic – think about what you want to say rather than just focusing on what they might ask. Take some time to prepare and think about three key points you want to get across.

For local media contact details see Useful contacts.

What then?

Follow up your email with a phone call. Ask them if they are interested in covering the story. Be persistent and be prepared to send or email your release again if needed.

Two weeks before, email them again inviting them to send a photographer to your event.

Afterwards, email them how it went, how much you raised and thank people for coming along and helping.

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