Employer support

Employer support

Getting your bosses to back you

Why not speak to your employer to see if your company can boost your fundraising?

Some firms might give staff a one-off donation, while others have a matched-giving scheme, where companies match pound for pound the amount raised by employees.

Ask if you can approach your company's suppliers for a donation, too.

Local businesses might donate goodies for raffle prizes and display posters advertising your event. Pop in and ask to speak to the manager, don’t waste time writing letters, the personal touch is usually more successful.

If you’re organising an event, don’t forget to ask colleagues to support you by coming along or sponsoring you.

Use your work’s intranet, newsletter or notice board, or simply email everyone to tell them what you’re up to.

The Breast Unit team are ready to answer any questions you have about fundraising for our charity.

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